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  1. Cephalotus follicularis, Coal Mine Beach, Walpole, West-Australia, W, Clone 1
  2. Cephalotus follicularis, Broke Inlet, WILD
  3. Cephalotus follicularis, Dudley Watts
  4. Cephalotus follicularis, Dudley Watts selfpollinated
  5. Cephalotus follicularis, Padley 2
  1. A II - Wiky
  2. Adentata
  3. Alien
  4. Amteborus
  5. Angelwings
  6. Australian Red Rosetted
  7. B52
  8. Barbed Wire
  9. BCP F04 - red fused petioles
  10. BCP F05 - Akai Ryu
  11. BCP X11
  12. Bear Trap
  13. Belzebub
  14. Bimbo
  15. Biohazard
  16. Blanche Hermine
  17. Bristle tooth
  18. Burbank's Best
  19. Burgundy
  20. Cerberus
  21. Charly Mandon's Spotted
  22. Clayton's Red Sunset
  23. Clayton's Volcanic Red
  24. clone 010 (Carnivoria)
  25. clone 012 (Carnivoria)
  26. clumping cultivar (Carnivoria)
  27. Coquillage
  28. Crested Petioles
  29. Crocodile
  30. Crocodile Orange
  31. Cropped Tooth Blotchy
  32. Cudo 2
  33. Cupped Trap
  34. DC XL
  35. Debbie's Form
  36. Dent Stress
  37. Dents de Requin
  38. Dim's Gift
  39. Double Green
  40. Dracula
  41. DS #01 - funnel cup trap (009 Carnivoria)
  42. DS #02
  43. DS #03 - Red Fused Teeth
  44. DS #04
  45. DS #05
  46. DS #06
  47. DS #07
  48. DS #08
  49. DS #09
  50. DS #10
  51. DS #11 - cup trap (new selection)
  52. DS #12 - Ultrahard clone (004 carnivoria)
  53. Eyelash
  54. Fangzahn
  55. Fire Mouth
  56. Flat spotted
  57. Fondue
  58. FTS Lunatic Fringe
  59. Funnel Trap
  60. Fused cup trap (spotted)
  61. Fused Tooth
  62. Fused Tooth "China"
  63. Fused tooth Perso I
  64. Fuzzy x Fused
  65. G14 Virus Variegated
  66. G16
  67. Gargoyle
  68. GB01
  69. Giant Clam (ex Vlnka)
  70. Gold Strike
  71. Goliath
  72. Green Dragon
  73. Green microdent
  74. Green Mutant (GB)
  75. Green Swamp, Brunswick Co., North Carolina, USA 'A'
  76. Green Wizard
  77. Harmony
  78. Jaunasse
  79. Jaws Smiley
  80. Jumbo
  81. Kayan
  82. Killer Queen
  83. Kinchyaku
  84. Kinky Wave
  85. Korean Melody Shark
  86. Korrigans
  87. la grosse à Guigui
  88. Lep Giant
  89. Lep lips
  90. Little Blighter
  91. Louchapates
  92. Mars
  93. Master of Disaster
  94. Melly's Lipstick
  95. Microdent
  96. Mikiki
  97. Milachka
  98. Milli-M (washed)
  99. Miniature flower giant
  100. Mirror
  101. Monkey ass
  102. Moon Trap
  103. Ossweil Giant
  104. Pacman
  105. Pale
  106. Patches
  107. Pet Teeth
  108. Petite Dragon
  109. Phalanx
  110. Pluto
  111. Pluto Red
  112. Qualzucht
  113. Raptor
  114. Red Dentate PlantaeBohemica
  115. Red Green
  116. Red Hole
  117. Red Jaws
  118. Red lips and lashes
  119. Red micro teeth
  120. Red Piranha
  121. Red spotted
  122. Ring
  123. Rose
  124. Royal red x Dentate
  125. Scarlatine
  126. Scarlet Bristle
  127. Schuppenstiel I
  128. Schuppenstiel II
  129. Schuppenstiel x Funnel trap
  130. Shark tooth x Dentate
  131. SL Seedling
  132. SL001
  133. SL014
  134. SL015
  135. Smog
  136. Snake Dentition
  137. South West Giant x Sharks tooth
  138. South West Giant x Triton
  139. Spider
  140. Spiderman
  141. Spotty
  142. Square Teeth
  143. Star
  144. State Park, North Carolina, USA
  145. Sunrise
  146. Tiger Fangs
  147. Tiger Teeth
  148. Trev's Red Dentate
  149. Triangle Teeth
  150. Triton
  151. Typ Pygmy all red
  152. Typical #03, Smilodonte
  153. Typical #07, inner black line
  154. Typical #09, Very Yellow in summer
  155. Typical #10, Diego
  156. typical, DT03
  157. UK Sawtooth I
  158. unlabeled clone from Carnivoria
  159. Vampire
  160. Variegated #1
  161. Variegated #2
  162. Vitiligo
  163. Wacky Traps
  164. WB3
  165. Werewolf
  166. Whale
  167. Yellow Fused Teeth

    S. alata

  1. S. alata var. nigropurpurea (AA)(A60MK)
  2. S. alata var. rubrioperculata, Large maroon throat (EEE, 2006) (A59MK)
  3. S. alata, Anthocyanin free. Washington County, Alabama. W (NHC) (A65MK)
  4. S. alata, Bulbous, Jasper Co. TX WS (AF) (A66MK)
  5. S. alata, green upper pitcher, Vernon Parish, LA. WS (A14MK)
  6. S. flava

  7. S. flava var. atropurpurea, “Kimber Red Ruffles” (F195MK)(SFA10 Cedric)
  8. S. flava var. cuprea, CT2 (Klein)
  9. S. flava var. cuprea, North Carolina, W. (AF) (F6JA) (F90MK) (SFC09 Cedric)
  10. S. flava var. flava, "Goldie" (F257MK) (SFX08 Cedric)
  11. S. flava var. flava, Anthocyanin free, 'Suspicion' (ipF100) (237MK)
  12. S. flava var. flava, Anthocyanin free. Shallotte, Brunswick County, North Carolina. (SL) (F271MK)
  13. S. flava var. flava, Apalachicola Nat. Forest, Wakulla Co., Florida, USA
  14. S. flava var. flava, Tall pitchers, plant from Chris Walker (F80MK)
  15. S. flava var. maxima, Relic plant. Fall Line, Columbia (FF7BazG)
  16. S. flava var. maxima, Yellow pitchers, fine red veining. Saphony Creek, Virginia (F64PW)
  17. S. flava var. ornata / rubricorpora, Sandy Creek Road, Bay County
  18. S. flava var. ornata / var. rugelii intergrade, Geneva Botanical Gardens.(AA) (F199MK)
  19. S. flava var. ornata, "Golden"
  20. S. flava var. ornata, Dipping lid, Cooks Carnivorous Plants (F87MK) (SFO19 Cedric)
  21. S. flava var. ornata, lidless
  22. S. flava var. ornata, lidless (JS)
  23. S. flava var. ornata, lidless (NG)
  24. S. flava var. ornata, Sandy Creek Road, Florida, WS
  25. S. flava var. ornata, solid red throat with diffused veins around neck, Apalachicola, Florida,W. (PW) (F88MK)(SFO10 Cedric)
  26. S. flava var. rubricorpora, "Claret". Mike Brook’s clone, from A.Slack (F25cMK) (SFRB22 Cedric)
  27. S. flava var. rubricorpora, "Don Schnell" (F124MK) (SFA06 Cedric)
  28. S. flava var. rubricorpora, "Manky" (F70MK)
  29. S. flava var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest, Florida - Seedgrown #1
  30. S. flava var. rubricorpora, lidless (NHC)
  31. S. flava var. rubricorpora, lidless (SM) (F222MK)
  32. S. flava var. rubricorpora, lidless PW
  33. S. flava var. rubricorpora, Very dark maroon tube, Wewahitchka, FL. W, (F149MK)
  34. S. flava var. rugelii , "Big Top", Near Columbia
  35. S. flava var. rugelii, Anthocyanin free. Telogia, Florida. (HC) (F238MK)
  36. S. flava var. rugelii, “Giant Lid”
  37. S. flava var. rugelii, Clone 2. Milton, Florida, W. (F49MK)(SFR19 Cedric)
  38. S. flava var. rugelii, Clone 6. Milton, Florida, W. (FL34 RvL) (F53MK) (SFR15 Cedric)
  39. S. flava var. rugelii, lidless
  40. S. flava var. rugelii, red, Dean Cook
  41. S. flava var. rugelii, Uninc Liberty County, Sumatra, Florida. (SFR05 Cedric)
  42. S. flava var. flava, All Green GIANT - North Carolin (ipF25)
  43. S. flava var. ornata, Wewahitchka, (F39MK) (SFO26 Cedric)
  44. S. leucophylla

  45. S. leucophylla var. alba, "Ghost"
  46. S. leucophylla var. alba, #08 (Klein)
  47. S. leucophylla var. alba, #09 (Klein)
  48. S. leucophylla var. alba, #19 (Klein)
  49. S. leucophylla var. alba, #27 (Klein)
  50. S. leucophylla var. alba, #28 (Klein)
  51. S. leucophylla var. alba, (L09MK)
  52. S. leucophylla var. alba, very white lips. (Leiden)
  53. S. leucophylla f. viridescens
  54. S. leucophylla, Red. Durisova (L2 M. Srba)
  55. S. leucophylla, "Bulbosa"
  56. S. leucophylla, "Elvis" - L20C x Tibbie (L32S Mirek)
  57. S. leucophylla, "Megawindow" (Gert H. Mira 2010)
  58. S. leucophylla, "Pantera rosa"
  59. S. leucophylla, 'Cronus' (Titan) (L47MK)(SL16 Cedric)
  60. S. leucophylla, 'Hurricane Creek White', from ICPS seed bank.
  61. S. leucophylla, 'Hurricane Creek White', seedgrown
  62. S. leucophylla, 'Tarnok', mutant double flower (L55MK) (SL24 Cedric)
  63. S. leucophylla, ( L2 x L22D ) (L30A M. Srba)
  64. S. leucophylla, anthofree. Very white
  65. S. leucophylla, “Bocaza”, Red and white, giant form. Ian Salter (L87MK) (SL79 Cedric)
  66. S. leucophylla, “Helmut's Delight” (L81MK)(SL04 Cedric)
  67. S. leucophylla, Clone A. Freeport, Florida
  68. S. leucophylla, Clone B. Freeport, Florida
  69. S. leucophylla, Clone C. Freeport, Florida
  70. S. leucophylla, Clone D. Freeport, Florida
  71. S. leucophylla, Clone E. Freeport, Florida
  72. S. leucophylla, Gas Station Site, Perdido, Alabama (SG #1)
  73. S. leucophylla, Gas Station Site, Perdido, Alabama (SG #2)
  74. S. leucophylla, Giant
  75. S. leucophylla, Green and white, large Autumn pitcher. Citronelle, Alabama,W. (L02MK)(SL69 Cedric)
  76. S. leucophylla, Green and white, white top. Perdido, Alabama (2007) (L10PW)
  77. S. leucophylla, Gulf Breeze, Florida. (Adrian Fawcett)
  78. S. leucophylla, introgressed
  79. S. leucophylla, L47MK x self, still a "Titan"
  80. S. leucophylla, Large pink lips, Apalachicola, Florida, W. (PW) (L18MK) (SL13 Cedric)
  81. S. leucophylla, Large purple & white, North Florida (ex SMcPherson)
  82. S. leucophylla, Large, red and white, Baldwin County, Alabama W (L20AMK) (SL14 Cedric)
  83. S. leucophylla, Lorenz Butschi clone
  84. S. leucophylla, Mobile County, Alabama. (CK)
  85. S. leucophylla, Red and pink tube. Perdido, Alabama. (L07PW) (L49AMK) (SL49 Cedric)
  86. S. leucophylla, Red and white, "Burgundy". (Phil Sheridan) (L57MK) (SL51 Cedric)
  87. S. leucophylla, Red and white, very sparse veins; ICPS seed bank 1993 (L62MK)
  88. S. leucophylla, Red and white. Citronelle, Alabama, WS. (L15MK)
  89. S. leucophylla, Red stripe throat (SL61 Cedric)
  90. S. leucophylla, Red tube. (Marsure)
  91. S. leucophylla, Red tube. Perdido, Alabama. (PW) (L49BMK)
  92. S. leucophylla, Santa Rosa county, Blackwater river, near Munson, Florida.
  93. S. leucophylla, SL7 Klein
  94. S. leucophylla, Square mouth. (ex Adrian Slack)
  95. S. leucophylla, typical form (introgressed with alata)
  96. S. leucophylla, Very large form, white top, green veins, Perdido, Alabama. W. (L13MK) (SL71 Cedric)
  97. S. leucophylla, Very white, thin red veins.
  98. S. leucophylla, Walton County, Florida. (L14a MSrba)
  99. S. leucophylla, Washington Co., near Citronelle, Al. (L109AA)
  100. S. leucophylla, Washington County, Near Tibbee, Alabama. (L11B M. Srba)
  101. S. leucophylla, Wavy lid, yellow flower. (PW)
  102. S. leucophylla, White top with fine red veins (L34MK) (SL10 Cedric)
  103. S. leucophylla, White top, Baldwin County, Alabama. WS.(MS) (L50MK) (SL50 Cedric)
  104. S. leucophylla, Yellow flower, Citronelle, Alabama, W. (L10PM) (L42MK) (SL83 Cedric)
  105. S. leucophylla, Yellow flower, Citronelle, Alabama, W. (L14PW) (L69MK)
  106. S. leucophylla, Yellow flower, Red/white,Russell Road, Alabama, WS. (L14MK)
  107. S. leucophylla, Yellow River, Santa Rosa County, Florida (from MSrba) (L103MK) (SL87 Cedric)
  108. S. minor

  109. S. minor var. minor, anthofree
  110. S. minor var. okefenokeensis, Clone 2,WS,(PW) (M10MK)
  111. S. minor var. okefenokeensis, Okefenokee Giant, Alastair Culham, Reading University (M18MK)
  112. S. psittacina

  113. S. psittacina var heterophylla
  114. S. purpurea

  115. S. purpurea ssp. purpurea, veinless, Peatlands Park, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland - clone #1
  116. S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii f. luteola, Giant form (from seed, Plantev)
  117. S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii, veinless form,Walton Co, FL.WS (PW#2) (PV8cMK)
  118. S. purpurea ssp. venosa, lipless
  119. Hybrids

  120. S. x (leucophylla x S. oreophila) x S. leucophylla, Milton
  121. S. x (leucophylla x psittacina)
  122. S. x (leucophylla x rugelii) x S. x moorei, Adrian Slack
  123. S. x (S. flava red tube, Sumatra x S. oreophila)
  124. S. x Wilkerson's red x OP
  125. S. x (excellens x S. x "Dino Almacolle") (H55 Franz.)
  126. S. x (S. x 'Leah Wilkerson' x S. x 'Adrian Slack') - clone A
  127. S. x (S. x 'Leah Wilkerson' x S. x 'Adrian Slack') - clone B
  128. S. x (S. x 'Leah Wilkerson' x S. x 'Adrian Slack') - clone C
  129. S. x areolata, Carniflora
  130. S. x areolata, pink top
  131. S. x areolata, White Knight
  132. S. x areolata, white top (DS)
  133. S. x areolata, Yellow flower, white topped pitchers with alata shape (H33MK)
  134. S. x catesbaei, inverted veins
  135. S. x excellens, "Green Monster"
  136. S. x excellens, da seme AIPC 2003
  137. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone A
  138. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone B
  139. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone D
  140. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone E
  141. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone F
  142. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone H
  143. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone I
  144. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone K
  145. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone L
  146. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone M
  147. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone N
  148. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone P
  149. S. x leucophylla x S. x moorei Adrian Slack, clone R
  150. S. x leucophylla yellow flower, Russel Road x S. leucophylla "white top" perdido ex S.McPherson
  151. S. x leucophylla, clone #1 from Gert - white Jutathip
  152. S. x leucophylla, clone #2 from Gert
  153. S. x leucophylla, clone #3 from Gert
  154. S. x leucophylla, clone #4 from Gert
  155. S. x minor x( wrigelyana x excellens) - H62 Frangelo
  156. S. x mixta, oreophila x leucophylla (H15 GP)
  157. S. x mooreana (leucophylla x oreophila) Oudean Clone
  158. S. x moorei (S. leucophylla alba x S. flava var. rubricorpora)
  159. S. x moorei, "A Porais" (SXM74)
  160. S. x moorei, "Blood in the snow"
  161. S. x moorei, "Bud Wilkerson"
  162. S. x moorei, "Esme Cowlard" (H192MK) (SXM67 Cedric)
  163. S. x moorei, "Gnkt"
  164. S. x moorei, "Helen Mary" - (F18 MK x L18 MK) 2003 (H182 MK)
  165. S. x moorei, "Joanna". Andy Bullock 2005 (H169MK)
  166. S. x moorei, "Johnny Wilkerson" (H247MK)
  167. S. x moorei, "Purple Tonsil"
  168. S. x moorei, "Wilkerson's White Knight", North Walton Country, Florida
  169. S. x moorei, #1 (Gert)
  170. S. x moorei, #2 (Gert)
  171. S. x moorei, #2 (Sunbelle Exotics)
  172. S. x moorei, #3 (Gert)
  173. S. x moorei, #4 (Gert)
  174. S. x moorei, 'Elizabeth', Norman Parker (H89 MK)
  175. S. x moorei, 'Royal Ruby' (SXM43 Cedric)
  176. S. x moorei, (flava rugelii x leucophylla) wide pitcher opening (MS) [SH41 RVL] [H38 MK]
  177. S. x moorei, (ebay)
  178. S. x moorei, all red (SM) (H61MK)
  179. S. x moorei, All red clone, L18 x F18 selection (H260MK)
  180. S. x moorei, Bay County
  181. S. x moorei, Bonatical Garden Leiden (ex W. Noordeloos)
  182. S. x moorei, Carniflora
  183. S. x moorei, Casalecchio
  184. S. x moorei, clone PlantaeBohemica
  185. S. x moorei, Conecuh, Covington Co. AL (SXM54 Cedric)
  186. S. x moorei, Giant red form (SXM08 Cedric)
  187. S. x moorei, Gulf Breeze, Santa Rosa Co, WS - Very leucophylla like,flower colour gives it away
  188. S. x moorei, H135MK - (Ian Salter 2004)
  189. S. x moorei, Leah Wilkerson (Brooks Garçia 2006) (H112MK)
  190. S. x moorei, Leah Wilkerson F2 (Leah x self)
  191. S. x moorei, Leah Wilkerson x OP
  192. S. x moorei, Marston clone
  193. S. x moorei, Milton FL #1 (from wild seed)
  194. S. x moorei, Milton FL #2 (from wild seed)
  195. S. x moorei, Pensacola Fields, FL. F2 (WS)
  196. S. x moorei, Pinkish Top, Marston clone (H87MK)
  197. S. x moorei, red, Conecuh national forest, Alabama WS (H208MK)
  198. S. x moorei, red, M. Ono
  199. S. x moorei, Timothy King
  200. S. x moorei, Very large, Norman Parker (H92 MK)
  201. S. x moorei, white
  202. S. x moorei, white top and red throat, Carniflora
  203. S. x moorei, Wilkerson moorei clone 1, Bay Co. FL (W) BG 2006 (H155MK)
  204. S. x moorei, Wilkerson's Red F2 (leucophylla like)
  205. S. x moorei, Wilkerson's Red F2 (moorei like)
  206. S. x moorei, Wilkerson's red, Walton Co, Floride (BG) (SXM17)
  207. S. x moorei, `Adrian Slack’, Milton, FL (W) (BR 2004) (H113MK)
  208. S. x rubra alabamensis x fake Judy (wrigleyana x excellens) (H63 '04 Frangelo)
  209. S. x "Alucard"
  210. S. x "Bellino"
  211. S. x "Black Knight" (H2 AF)
  212. S. x "Camisole"
  213. S. x "Crimson Queen" (leucophylla x oreophila) Norman Parker (H138MK)
  214. S. x "Dino Almacolle" - H126MK
  215. S. x "Glider"
  216. S. x "Innominata"
  217. S. x "Moby Dick"
  218. S. x "Pink Thing"
  219. S. x "Reptilian Rose"
  220. S. x "Trinità"
  221. S. x 'Dana's Delight' (DC 2004) (H109MK)
  222. S. x 'Judith Hindle' x S. x moorei 'Leah Wilkerson'
  223. S. x 'Pink Eye' (BG 2011) (H243MK)
  224. S. x (S. flava var rubricorpora x S. alata red lid) "lidless"
  225. S. x (S.alata x S.leucophylla -- Red & Gold) x S.x moorei -- 'Leah Wilkerson' (BG) (SX65 Cedric)
  226. S. x (leucophylla Wilkerson's red rocket x ??) openpollinated (SOP06)
  227. S. x areolata - SX149 Cedric
  228. S. x Brook's hybrid x S. leucophylla
  229. S. x HYB 2, red mouth and green lid (maybe oreophila x leucophylla)